The Final Spring Live Performance 15th December 2019

The show was really moving and the kids were amazing. The overall production was incredible. I loved it! Titled The Final Spring the futuristic climate change themed play starts in the year 2119 when all of humanity has been wiped out or has left planet earth.

Ashraf Hendricks, reporter for Ground up
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Here are some photographic submissions from various local and national photographers who were there to capture the live event.

Images shot by Graham Abbott

Striking Portaits shot by Jonathon Reese

When one Goal flows through many souls…

At our session of bonding with all the participants for the Parade, we brought forward our spirits and what we hope to achieve at the end of this journey. So everyone got a candle to light and placed in the center. Unconsciously the casts place the candles in the form of a Tree which symbolize our theme for this show. What fantastic gesture to see❤.


If someone told me a few months back that I must bring life to a puppet, I would just stare at them like a granny trying to understand this fast moving technologies of this age🙈🙊. But that all changed with the Assitej puppetry workshop held at Net Vir Pret on Friday 15 November😎. Faye Kabali-Kogwa and crew did a fantastic job in preparing our performers to bring life to the puppets👌. The Breathing and Movement activities surely allowed our puppeteers to transform into the puppets. New Generation arts development studio reps and the crew of Mother Tongue joined for the preparation workshop.

Like bestselling US writer Sherrilyn Kenyon said: “Success is when persistence meets preparation.”✌

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