Diving in to the Macro and Micro-Cosmos: A Research Trip to the SALT Telescope and Town of Sutherland

Net vir Pret staff, interns and young leaders from Barrydale with CHR artists from Cape Town met for a remarkable research trip to Sutherland, stargazing at the SAAO South African Astronomical Observatory, learning about life, the speed and vibration of light and viewing the universe and our own bodies at 1014….Radical…..

‘On the 18th of October 2019, our Net Vir Pret team and young leaders were visiting Sutherland.  So we took off at 08:30 am and arrive at 13:40 pm in Sutherland the Northern Cape.Personaly it was my first time across the border between the ( Western Cape and the Northern Cape ). The whole trip was very long but wonderful. So when we arrive in Sutherland we get to our accomdation in the hotel. Its a very small town. With lots of friendly people.

So as we arrived we settled , booked in. Explore and after we took a little nap to get enough rest for the stargazing. 

It was a great experience for all of us. Specially seeing the planets my favourite one was to look at Saturnis. With the Ring around him. So I think we all was suprise and the information blew our minds. 

Wind , Mountains , Oxygen, Planets , clouds , Nature , The sun –  this is all the things that we must appreciate while we still can see it. Everything are so precious and they all connected , Ice that melting , Earth thats moving just now but we dont see it. The Sun and his light that providing for plants to grows.

Let’s take care of our planet.’- Selanvor Platjies

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