The 2019 Net vir Pret Barrydale Giant Puppet Parade

THE FINAL SPRING: An excerpt from the Storyline for 2019

A story about the survival of the last bees and plant life on earth after an environmental holocaust, in an Afrofuturist post apocalyptic landscape inhabited by strange robotic creatures, an alien and brave, quirky insects …

“Puppet scene – The earth lies barren and bleak.  There is no detectable life  anywhere…It is a post-apocalyptic landscape, after the inevitable environmental catastrophe  brought on by humanity, wiping out what was left of life on earth. 

A giant, metal and zinc robotic machine emerges, buzzing.  On his chest is an identification label that reads Agricultural Intelligence Revolution (AIR).  He is massive, with giant feet that wheel their way across the landscape.  Strange sounds come from him and his sytem seems in a state of break-down and disrepair.  On his back is a giant pesticide pack with a giant spray nozzle he carries in his hand.    

AIR was programmed by the human Agricultural Intelligence Revolution to terminate any ‘pests’ or life outside of the genetically modified organisms that humans mass-produced to feed themselves, but which has now lead to the demise of life on the planet.

An ant , Jay-Jay scurries past the giant…”

A Workshopped Production.  

Concept and Storyline by Net vir Pret Barrydale, facilitated by Sudonia Kouter (Net vir Pret) and Aja Marneweck (CHR@UWC).

Giant Puppets (Mr AIR and A’qut Luma) Designed by Ukwanda Puppet and Design

Set Design Aja Marneweck (design and lighting) and Herman Witbooi(set and props)

Head of Children’s Puppet and Lead Character Body Mask Design Clarisa Jonas.

Copyright 2019

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